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Vignettes. Part 12.

Did you know that mathematics will provide you with more-or-less standardized tools to usefully express commonly-occurring ideas? For exaple, the following illustration contains at least three examples of this: (0) the symbol for boundaries of things, the symbol to symbolize … Continue reading

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Visualizing graphs, for small graphs, in contexts in which graphs are thought of as two-uniform hypergraphs.

For reasonably small graphs, it can make for beautiful and usefully-self-explanatory illustrations to visualize graphs by diaphanous rod-like shapes overlapping where the vertices are supposed to be. In particular, the┬ávertex degrees thus become implicitly visualized via the darkness of the … Continue reading

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Small tutorial to inkscape, with a view towards category theory and graph theory.

Inkscape can be baffling. But it is a remarkably useful tool, one should thank all the people who constructed it. This is to give you a small tutorial how to do the things that arguably anyone liking to use inkscape … Continue reading

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