Compressing and summarizing. Part 0.

Some are of the opinion that blogs add noise to the internet and make good information harder to find. There certainly is something to this view, but I think by and large blogs are to the good, when done well. What I somehow miss, especially in the mathematical blogosphere, are compressing and summarizing reports or, so to speak, reading-logs.

I am surprised that this seems not to exist as a sort-of-a-subgenre of mathematical blogging. Of course, the default mode of mathematical blogging are almost-complete mathematical expositions, but I am missing a genre of the type “I am reading this or that  article or blog-post (given with full explicit references and credits to the original), and now I am compressing and summarizing it here, with a rather strong compression ratio, and am doing so openly for the benefit of the occasional reader searching for this or that article or blog post.”

If  became a common subgenre, there could be something of a golden age, with a differential of posts of increasing compression ratio, that readers can select from. Of course, to some extent, many blog posts are like that, but to me it does not seem a recognizable genre of mathematical blog-post. So I will, now and then, try to write such posts.

To remind me and others, in such posts:


  • Hardly ever anything evaluative is written.
  • The English is more or less in telegraphic style, often omitting articles.
  • There is one reference-to-be-summarized, given at the top, and later referenced by “loc. cit.”. Of course, other references can be used in the course of the summary.
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